Fore Wright! Ben Wright Speaks

I recently had the chance to catch up with the iconic, former CBS Sports golf commentator, Ben Wright. Mr. Wright was as effusive and engaging as ever. The primary purpose of our chat was to discuss the influence that CBS producer Frank Chirkinian had not only upon Ben’s career, but the lasting impact on all of televised golf. Mr. Chirkinian recently passed away, due to complications from cancer. Mr. Wright more than delivered and I am confident you will enjoy his reminiscing about the golden age of golf broadcasting.

Some will question me as to why I did not discuss Mr. Wright’s Greek-trejedy like way that he left the national platform of golf’s greatest stage, but we have covered that with Mr. Wright when he has been on the program before and the focus of this interview was not upon him, respectfully, but upon Frank Chirkinian.

I don’t believe that a person is defined by one flashpoint in their life. I believe the balance of how a person is judged should be against the entirety of their contributions to their craft and the world at large. Ben Wright, in his 23 year career with CBS and with his journalistic musing before and since has provided millions with moments of joy, defined by his incomparable style, wit and ability to turn a phrase.

There should be a place for him today in golf’s vast media landscape. Enjoy!
If your browser doesn’t open the Player, click on this link: Ben Wright Interview


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