The Thought Bubble-How to Parent the Masters

By Dom

2017 is a big year for me.  It’s not a regular Masters.  This will be the first Masters I will be experiencing with son!

So last year, the 2016 Masters Tournament, my son was basically 6 months old…his life was simple: Sleep, poop, eat, poop, sleep, sleep, sleep and then pee in my face.  Golf, not the sport, just the word “golf” wasn’t even in the realm being uttered let alone understood.  Now, he is 18 going on 19 months old.  He can say “gaawf” and he totally knows what it is.  I bought him one of those fisher price super giant plastic golf club sets for Christmas.  He knows exactly what golf is and seems to really like it (and loves watching me hit balls at the range).  He seemingly likes watching it on TV too and often will watch a little with me… “gaawf daddy” he says (pause here: anything better than hearing your son say those words?  Nope…not really!).  Long story short…clearly the 2016 Masters didn’t count from a parenting perspective but this year, it’s game on and I got to get my %$& together!

I have put a lot of thought into this and I have decided no Mickey Mouse for the duration of the Masters.  The TV will be all Masters all the time.  He may love it, he may be irritated by it (perhaps even a tantrum or two) or he may just become indifferent.  Partially my thought process is if it is on in the background 4 days in a row for 5-8 hours per day he is bound to watch at least 30 minutes per day plus whatever additional golf seeps into his brain while it provides background noise for the day’s activities.  Solid foundation for an introduction to the Masters, no? 

The other side of this is establishing the father/son golf thing that I never had with my father.  Golf came to me late in life.  Neither of my parents were into golf at all, AT ALL.  As such I never experienced anything like the Masters stories I hear so often between a father and his daughter or son or a mother with her daughter or son or grandmother or grandfather or Aunt, Uncle etc.  I didn’t get into golf until about 8 or 9 years ago, I was probably about 26-27 years old before I really started caring about golf.  Since that time I have truly fallen in love with the sport and the Masters and Augusta, as they do, have found a special place in my heart.  I want to share that feeling and the emotional experience of watching the Masters with my son and begin our own tradition.  If my son doesn’t like golf or never plays a round that would be just fine with me but I hope this can be something we share forever regardless.

I have years to mold what our little tradition is going to be into whatever it is going to be but this year is step one!  If my son sits on my lap without moving for 5 minutes during this year’s Masters and watches just a few moments with me this will be a Masters I will never forget.  What is your tradition and who is it with?


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