A Profile of Matthew Adams— Golf’s Renaissance Man:

New York Times best-selling author, award-winning national morning show host of “Fairways of Life” on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio and golf industry executive, Matthew E. Adams, is one of those people that is hard to pin down. Ask him what he does for a living and “Matty”, as his friends call him will tell you that the answer depends on when you ask him. What cannot be denied is that for a man with many passions, any one of his multiple jobs would be one that most people would love to have. Week in and week out, no golf commentator in the world can be heard for more hours than Matty, who has established himself as a distinctive voice not only for the game’s top tours, but also for the lifestyle elements of the sport.  He calls the golf industry his “primary profession” and he has mastered his craft over twenty-five years of working in golf club operations, golf equipment manufacturing and golf media.  Something often overlooked, he is an expert in golf equipment technology by virtue of spending many years on the manufacturing side of the game, having built and/or designed golf clubs for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Nicklaus, MacGregor, Ram and Wilson. Adams is also a golf course operator, speaker, founder and chairman of an important collegiate golf tournament, golf historian and golf travel writer. As such, he has become a well-respected and recognized expert in many facets of the golf business.  Matty has been called “the best interviewer in golf,” by golfing legends including Billy Casper and Gary Player. On multiple occasions, he has interviewed virtually every living legend of the game from Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson to Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.  Matty’s broadcasting talents have been featured on the SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio, BBC, ESPN, Golf Channel, PGA Tour Entertainment, European Tour Productions, DirecTV and Back9Network, among others. He has hosted broadcasts from every Major Championship and multiple Ryder Cups.


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Matt Adams holds a unique niche in the spectrum of professional speakers. As both a (multiple) New York Times best-selling author and an award-winning international sports journalist and golf broadcaster, his empowering message comes with acute insight, experience and the ability to relate to real-life challenges and opportunities.  Matt is available for: Key Notes, Hosting, Emcee, Clinics, Corporate Events, Sales Meetings, Fund Raisers, Team Building.

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As a New York Times best-selling author, his premier literary successes have come from his co-authoring multiple books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  All told, sales of Adams’ ten books to date have surpassed 1,000,000 copies, making him one of the most successful authors of the last decade.  To purchase “Fairways of Life” or any of his other published works please select from one of the below.

Chicken Soup for the NASCAR Soul
Chicken Soup for the Women Golfer’s Soul
Golf Wisdom of the Legends
The Fast & Lean Racing Cookbook
Chicken Soup for the Soul of America